How to add a hanging sign! (Difficulty 0/10 or ⬜)

What you’ll need:

  • 4 text devices: Place down text with your content & style
  • 1 wooden sign prop: No meaning.

Hanging signs are mostly cool. You see it on stores, saying “Open” or “Closed” or anywhere else. Today, we’ll start with the store version!

Get 1 text device - make the text into a dot and make the style “Roboto”. (make sure text size is 55)
Now, get 2 more text devices and put the left one a slash and the other one, this:
Now, get the other text for the wooden and access the layers (top left) and put that text in the above layer.
Now, put the text on top of the wooden sign.
Now put it all together like this:
Congrats! You made your first hanging sign you’ll see on retail stores! Thanks for reading!


Nice guide! Maybe you could add color changing text to make it look like its blinking.

This is ok, but it is very short. This may lead to it being flagged.

To do the blinking text, you would just show/hide different colors of text.

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It might, which is why I suggested adding the color changing part to it so it gets to be a bigger guide.

I think it’s a good idea!

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nice guide! This is great for store games.

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High school physics problem moment:

Draw all the forces that the hanging sign receives, and write an expression to calculate the tension of the two ropes that hang it.

Sorry, whenever I see a hanging sign I think of that now. Also, bump (WHOOPS, DIDN’T SEE THE BUMP ABOVE CORRECTLY. I GUESS IT’S JUST THIS NOW).

uh, ive been struggling with making these look good but this guide helped me a lot! thanks!


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