How to add a bed leaderboard?

how can I change it so when the bed break it show that red bed is broken
EXample: Red- :white_check_mark: | Blue-:white_check_mark: | Green-:white_check_mark: | Purple-:white_check_mark:
then when there bed breaks it turns to a red X

When prop broken → Hide text of checkmark and show text of X

You will have to use blocks.
It might be a lot more difficult to have it as an overlay, so you might just have to do a notification

You can make it so that when the prop is destroyed it hides the text.

yea like @Cyan_Tiger_Reigns idea I already though of that but I just want to use blocks instead

thanks @Foxy for the Grammer fix

np I just don’t like bugging people about it
ideas is only for things like map ideas

can u help me with my issue??

YOu could just use 4 overlays, make a block when receiving on: “BlueBedGone” for example (For the blue bed) make the bed transmit on "“BlueBedGone” when it is destroyed and make the block code on the overlay:

(If you wanted to use one overlay then make each bed have a corresponding property.)

can u like do the block coding then show me a screen shot cuz I know nothing about blocks :confounded:

For the way using 1 overlay or 4???

4 cuz i need a whole leaderboard showing all team

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K, I will start soon, after this class though since my teacher has GoGuardian.

ohh ok thanks for the help, I can make u a thumbnail or a pfp in exchange

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Okay here are some pics:
4 different overlays and 4 beds


(These are the steps for one of the block code, just change the color to the color of the bed your doing the code for)

thank you so much!!!

wait but I want it all in 1 overlay…

having it in one overlay is a lot more complicated, since beds can be destroyed in any order, which makes 16 different possible combinations for the overlay, and it has to check which beds are destroyed constantly, or else it won’t display correctly.

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yea that’s why I wanted to do it with blocks

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Yeah, I think I know how to do it, but I’m about to go on the bus so I will respond when I get home.
(It will take a lot of block code though since there are a lot of possibilities)

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