How should i make command posts for my battlefront 2 map

how should i do the taking control part and the part at the top that says witch ones are yours

Could you explain more? This sounds like a zone-capturing game, so you would need to use zones, wired to counter - properties to show who owns them.

yes it is a zone capturing game but if i use zones wont i just add 1 to the counter every time i go in not stay in

Start a repeater instead of a counter then, so every tick you stay in, you get a point.

oh ok but is there a way to show how many you control like a game overlay maybe cause after you stay in for a certain amount of time you take control of it but if the other team does that to your then they take control

i got to go

You would have to have a counter - property increment by one after a certain amount of time. Have a game overlay update and show “the amount of places you control / however many there are”. Sorry I couldn’t help more, I have trig to do right now.

thats fine