How much health?

Yeah, that’s what I mean.

you can burn through health pretty quickly

I think 200 shield and 150 health, or 200 shield and 175 health.

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@Haiasi had trouble at 150 hp and 125 shield is what I was at (I don’t blame him, Mobile is hard).


Yeah, so @GimSolver I suggest buying regeneration and stuff, like slow or fast through the levels.

Do 200 each.

things like snowball launchers can kill you very quickly

That’s not what I need, I’m just talking about base health.

You could change the way you lose to be tracked by an item that represents lives so that at the end of each level it gives you another one as the levels get more difficult. And only have 150 health and shield.

How do I do regeneration?

lifecycle - relay - repeater - health granter

And through a vending machine?

vending machine - repeater - health granter

Let me give you a link.

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Same thing…
@GimSolver Mega-Speed is mine, and is super fast. the first one is Navy’s, but is slower, and might work for the levels before.

And @GimSolver Try 200 each for health and shield.

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@GimSolver Have you decided how much health to have, if so remember to mark a solution!

I know, I’m not new here. I’m just trying things out first.

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