How many barriers can I make?

I’m trying to make a massive amount of walls, and I swiftly reached the 2,500 wall terrain cap, so I am trying to find a way to fill about 50,000 wall terrain worth of space. My current idea: make wide barriers with the color of the wall. How many can I make?

What requires so many barriers, couldn’t you use terrain walls?

@Domini-Kumo you there?

I can’t use terrain wall because I’ve reached that cap and I’d need many many more. I also can’t use the “put invisible barriers on floor terrain,” I’d reach that cap.

This project seems to be too large for gimkit to handle, so sorry that you can’t make it. :sweat_smile:

you can use as many as you want until it your memory is at 100%

it also depends on what device your using.

Oh, ok. Thank you :grin:

So is this resolved?

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