How long does it take to publish a map

Like to discovery. I have checked & it is not there\

(If you want to play it I have made Super Gim Bros. Ultamate)

Like right away. Just keep on refreshing
and if you can’t find it there, your map was against the gimkit publishing policies

I don’t know the exact time, but I think when you click publish it takes a minute or two (take that with much suspicion), but do what @THEHACKER120 said

I made sure everything was ayokay according to the policies so… idk

Yeah, so just keep on refrehsing

ok I found it! Thanks!

(weird it wasn’t showing earlier)
Picture if you guys want to play it:

(it is a wip so…)

Not to be that guy but you can’t advertise your map. You don’t want to get flag (Probably wont but…). To answer your question it usually takes less than 15 minutes. If you want to check if it’s there, put something very original in your description so the search engine will find it easily

The description of your map says exiting instead of exciting :grinning:

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good 2 know

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