How long does it take for a Map on Gimkit to be popular?

Show me your examples of maps, and what they are about!

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It depends on how well the map gets on the algorithm.

Are you asking for ideas?

I’m sorry, but this forum isn’t for sharing maps. If you want some popular maps, look at the community picks section and the trending section.

Not quite what they’re asking…


If a map is well enough to be selected as a community pick, it has to have good effort and is very organized with rare glitches. lags, stuff like that. Y’know, not bad…

If you put enough effort, and it has at least 10,000 plays or so, it’ll either show up as Trending, (new maps gaining popularity) or even community picks, (maps approved by Gimkit themselves…)


The original title asked for popular maps…

To answer your question,
It’s pretty much psychology.

Maps pretty much can be broken down in to a few key pieces:

  • Replayability
  • Difficulty Curve
  • Introduction of new/changing mechanics

Replayability is pretty much the biggest thing. Is it fun to play again and again?

I will mention that the search is based on the description, not the title, so the description should have stuff that people search for a-lot, but there’s not many games of. The title should be kind of clickbait and have a interesting thumbnail.

Once you start getting a lot of views (as @California_Love stated), it’ll show up higher on the lists of published games, garnering even more views.

I’d recommend looking at algorithm’s such as YouTube and Google’s search algorithms if you want to understand a bit more about this. Gimkit probably just ranks them based on plays though.

One of the best strategies are to get a bunch of plays from the wix, causing it to be higher up on the play lists (more plays).

If you be a bit more specific about why you want to know, then I can explain more.

Some basic math for the average mid map.
Let’s say you get 3 plays a day. At around 400 views it appears closer to the top, so the average map would take 133 days just to reach the basic milestone. (this is the general reason that higher quality maps/maps with more replayability rise up faster).

Just ask yourself the questions when testing/playing a map (from an objective standpoint).

  • Is it fun to play?
  • Would you play it multiple times?
  • Does it get more difficult as the player gets better and further through the game?

I’m not sure what you mean by “examples of maps.” Thoughts? or… population; I’m confused by the title and the description…


Pretty sure they mean examples of maps that are popular, and why they are popular.

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Oh! Thanks for telling me I think I understand now.


Shout out towards @jjnitzan! for helping giving a solution, and even @California_Love ! :grin:

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Thanks :slight_smile:

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And I think @getrithekd etrithekd isn’t getting the concept of the topic I think-

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It didn’t, I think your misunderstanding the concept

Well the original title was asking about popular maps, so it’s not really their fault (and no need to say that)…

EDIT: Okay that’s better. At least a bit better…


Ok, it was due to the fact that I was asking, “How long it usually takes a map to be popular”


It depends on may factors TBH. @jjnitzan summed it up really well, though!

Check out the GimUN. The password is in my bio.

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