How does this work

so basically for my find the markers game that I’m working on, I’m trying to make a thing where when you collect it, if you try to collect it again the game will be like “nuh uh you already got this” or something.
I have no idea how blockcode works so this is all I got right now

I don’t know what I’m doing at all

Just a btw like everything is going wrong w my laptop so I’m very annoyed and I might rip every strand of hair out of my head

You don’t need blocks for that, you can use a notification device.

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Maybe once you collect it you put a barrier around the marker instead? and have a zone a little bigger than the barrier and when player enters it triggers a notification?

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But basically, for that block once whatever device gets a wire pulse (the wire’s setting has to be trigger block or something), it will send that notification. Place text blocks in the notches of the send notification block and you can write in them. The if statement block checks a certain condition, then does an action if that condition works. Though as I said, you can just use a notification device for your case. The block you’re using is more for sending notifications on a condition.


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