How does publishing work over summer?

I don’t have the season ticket. I haven’t published any maps yet, but I heard that it costs 1,000 gimbucks. I know that gimbucks and xp stop for the summer, so should I save my gimbucks so I have enough to publish during summer if I want? Is it free to publish gimkit creative maps over summer? Has anyone heard anything? Any info you know would be very helpful.

I think you can still post ur map over the summer but starting tomorrow you can’t earn anymore Gimbucks. And since everybody is leaving if u want ur game to get more plays I suggest posting it at the end of summer.


Yes, it will cost gimbucks but you can’t earn any. I suggest you save your gimbucks this time if you want to publish a map in the summer


I would work on a map that may take a while to complete and publish it at the end of summer


I’ve got a map that’s very very close to being published. I guess that was poor planning on my part. But thanks for the advice!


all that happens is the gimbucks you have will be the only one’s you will have but aside from that publishing is the same


Publishing is not removed over the summer.

You no longer gain xp or gimbucks over the summer, so whatever you have now is what you will have for the whole summer.


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Oh, dang it! I completely forgot. I’m so sorry.


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