How does my spawn island look


That looks good, but i dont think you can ask, you can ask for help, but it looks really good actually!
Good Job!

thanks :smiley:
its not done tho

Do you mind if i copy it into one of my maps?
For a spawn as well, just what you have done so far?

Wow!!! This looks so amazing!

Good Job :hearts: you good at the terrain

The terrain looks great! maybe add some things from this guide?

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it feels a bit incomplete, maybe add a prop or two
otherwise this is great!

yeah its not done i added a tree i can show it if you want

its custom tree allso the map is gona be ship wrecked themed

Wow that looks awesome!! I’m also doing that 3D thing that you used to make the top higher in my skylander’s game I’m making!!

Here’s a picture of mine!!

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Changed some spelling errors.

wow that’s good hope you get a lot of plays when its done

@averagegimkituser please marka solution to one of you post. You don’t need to make two, one will do.