How do you use blocks?

how do you use blocks?

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You can click on certain devices like overlays and triggers then there should be a block button somewhere at the top left

but what is a block and what do u use it for

It’s basically those coding block things you have probably seen in Scratch and other websites. You can use coding for stuff like the fishing mechanic and randomizers

ahhhhhhh ok i get it
(not really)
but is it necessary for a ctf game

what i dont understand is what does the activity feed blood do and how to u use it

The activity feed is the messages that pop up in the bottom right corner of your screen, when someone is killed.

sometimes there is a bug where the activity feed doesn’t show up

I believe if your screen size is less than 600 pixels wide, the activity feed will not show up.

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but it sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t on the same computer

Huh. That’s interesting.

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Maybe it is because sometimes they are in fullscreen and other times they are not?

No, it is the same all the time