How do you upgrade a specific rarity weapon into a higher rarity? (read description for more detail)

I need help for my map where people can choose what weapon they will start with in the battlefield and I want there to be a vending machine that will upgrade a specific weapon into a higher rarity if the player has it, for cash. Ex: Lets say a player has an uncommon slingshot and they go to a vending machine and buy an upgrade with cash. However, The Vending Machine will only upgrade an uncommon slingshot and nothing else. If the player tries using cash to buy the upgrade without the slingshot, the vending machine will tell the player it can’t. How in the world could I do this??? Ps: Also i want it to remove the old slingshot when purchased. Pls Help.

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First have item spawners. Have every weapon but on uncommon level. Lets say someone chooses a slingshot.Now add a vending machine and have it so the vending machine requires an uncommon slingshot and the granted item is a epic slingshot like this⬇️

Then when wire the vending machine to an item granter: item purchased → grant item. Have in the item granter -1 uncommon slingshot. Now do this for every weapon the slingshot was just the example weapon. Hope this helped and remember to mark a soultion if it worked!

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You can also use a checker for this. When it checks that a player has old slingshot, it activates the vending machine.


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