How do you turn TEXT to NUMBER?

So you need to get the place of the letter in the alphabet?

Switch the 0123456789 for abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz and remove the minus 1

Wait that works? Is it really that simple.

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I would assume have a property that’s named each letter in the alphabet whose value is its place in the alphabet. In block code, you could have the game add the value of the n + 1 letter to a property, then repeat by adding one to n. This is not the best way to explain it, so I’ll send a picture at around 5. Using this or a similar system, “hi” would be “89”.

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So you want to convert a string in one base to another? Something like ClicClac’s solution or Blackhole’s solution should work. Are you using base 26, 27, 64, or 65?