How Do you Track Players with a Waypoint?

I’ve seen the option, so I know that it is possible… right?

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@GimAI /gimai_help how to track all players with a waypoint when a button is pressed.

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has anyone solved this yet?

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You can do this with distribution/pseudo teaming, but there isn’t a way to make one waypoint device track multiple players.


Waypoint Device, Target to Player.

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That targets one player. To target multiple players, we need to get creative.


Yeah. I feel like the Waypoint is bugged


It’s not, it just has the name waypoint for a reason.

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i know this is offtopic but my post got taken down by the community due to it being too off topic. im sorry to all of the people on the forum i didn’t know. it was my first post so i didn’t know it was against the rules. ok bye thanks for your time if you read this!


could you make a bunch of identical waypoints, one for each player, all the same message?
or do you just want one shared waypoint for everyone?

@WhoAmI Mark a solution, please!

get solutioned

You can track a player with 1 waypoint using channels and wires combined.

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