How do you remove the inventory limit on an Item?

I am making a battle royale where I use wands as a kind of currency. Unfortunately, wands have a limit of 20 in an inventory slot. How do I get around this?

Use an item that doesn’t have a limit. That’s the only real way I can think of. I’m not sure there is any way to bypass the limit on items that have one. Mark this as the solution if this helps!

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Or a resource or property. Those don’t have limits either.


Resources are energy, shards, cash, etc.

Those are items.

I’m pretty sure they’re classified as resource items in the map settings though.

They show up in your inventory and only show up on your screen using a game overlay tracking an item.

When you collect energy, it says that it’s a resource in your inventory (the same goes for shards and cash).

You can’t. Try to use a unused item instead.

Plus, I can get endless amounts of shards, cash, and energy via an item spawner.

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