How do you put a number equivalent to a property instead of having to use another text [SOLVED]

im scared the text isn’t going to work

seriously? i have 0 idea wut u mean

*it doesn’t work lol :confused:

i can’t replace the text 50,000 with the number 50,000

In “Math” there is a number block, maybe that’s your solution.

wait i figured it out

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VARIABLE!!! the variable can go in

Can you make the title [Solved]

also @Anythinger can you resize a zone?

Yes, if you open the options for the zone, it’s in the bottom-left corner (blue and says “Change Size”).

hmm thats weird because i can’t seem to find it

What is that for?

uhh to help me change the zone since it works for you and we cant use this to share codes