How do you play the new game?

So you know the new gamemode ummmmmmmmm oh yea knockback or whatever? How do you play?

Just like any other game, however, as your questions is not about GKC it technically is aginst the forum terms of service.

Oh, oops, all you do in the game is knock people off platform. Easy!

you answer questions to get energy and knock people off

wha? I got a person to 999% but nothing happens

This is off-topic, should i flag this?

it’s still about gimkit do you guys just go around EVERY topic and flag them?

If you’re playing with two tabs the game doesn’t really work.

Glitch? Email

oh yeah and they’re not moving

No, we just flag stuff if its off-topic or it contains concerning negative behavior.
Also, this forum is about getting help for GKC. Please understand that.

ok I’m playing with two tabs thanks @awesomeT43

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