How do you make your game public or have a thumbnail for it?

Someone answer this? IM new to building

You need to publish it. In the game you want to publish, first go to the little gear button in the corner

Second, after you open that part, press “Publish”

To make your game public, you need 1,000 gimbucks and level 50 if you don’t have the season ticket. Then you can just click on Options > Publish.
You can upload a thumbnail accordingly to the instructions by uploading a JPG file.

If they have gotten level 50 even in an earlier season, it works.

IDK why no one else i know knows that.

I’m just missing the carrer level but what is it?

Have you ever gotten to level 50?

Also, Welcome to the Forums!

I made it to level 45 which is close

thank you for welcoming me

What level are you currently. If you’re close to 50 rn, I suggest grinding. A lot.

I’m at Level 40 right now

Then grind as fast as you possibly can!(I recommend DLD[Dont look down])

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