How do you make this puzzle

Wait, do you ever deactivate the triggers?

they are deactivated by default, and are only activated when the correct button before is pressed

yes, but when the incorrect sequence happens, the triggers aren’t deactivated right?

they are…

After they are activated, the triggers don’t deactivate? You never stated anywhere about triggers deactivating, only at start and for trigger 5.

and trigger 5 is triggered everytime they press all the buttons

oh shoot I’m blind lmao

I shouldn’t be on forums 7:00 am

haha, I understand, I usually say stupid stuff early in the morning,
check out Getrithekd’s latest topic :rofl:

I see 2 mini-guides or maybe even full-blown guide lol

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yeah, Panda even used Drop downs!

edit: there are three really good answers but the person who posted just left…