How do you make this easily

How do you make a working. Shower, and also i need ideas for maps for my game that im gonna make, its like keep away.

Can you give more details about the map? What theme (if any), teams or no teams, ect.

Well, Keep Away is like hide and seek tag…
I havent started it yet, but the shower is for another game…

For the shower image do:
This build is a great way to stay squeaky clean!
Screenshot 2023-11-30 12.50.13 PM
Although it may look complicated, a lot of it is just trash… space trash, that is! It uses a rock, a metal pole, 5 space trash, 2 metal signs, 1 marble sign for a backdrop, 3 black board legs, 1 chemical tubes set, and 3 blackboards.
(Thanks to @cheesebox )
And just make water drop let animation using blue barriers and an animation guide.