How do you make the game end whenever you die?

Help me !


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make a game end hooked up to a checker for when you respawn at a diffrent respawn pad

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Pics Please? @Lostsea3

im not a coder idk how i just said who it would work for a flow chart… ummm a respawner sperate from the one you start on, set it to spawn there when you die, get a checker to see if its updated or used, then send a yes signal to a game ender

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Well, how does the player die? It mostly depends on what you’re making. Without elaboration, I can’t help you.
Example: player death to sentry

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Any death! : )

if the scenario is where the player gets knocked out, wire a lifecycle(set the event to player knocked out) to a end game device.
If it is a laser, wire a laser to a end game device.(Player knocked out by laser, end game)


Yes! Thank you @BreathTaking!

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ya sorry i couldn’t help i really need to learn the code side of this place

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Its okay! @lostsea3 :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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