How do you make texts stack in popups?

alright, so this is gonna .be hard to explain but ill try. so essentially what i want to do is to be able to ADD text to popups instead of replacing it. for example, if the original popup text is “blank” and you do something, itchanges the popup text to “blank” and then the thing after it.

If you can do blocks, that is possible.

how?? im already using blocks but rn it just replaces the text with what i want

Make the content in the pop up in the blocks “blah blah blah 1 (original), blah blah blah 2.”

the thing is the original text is gonna be randomized as well as the additional text, and i need it to be able to be added one at a time. i can give more details

So, you’ll need a variable that is text that we’ll call “var” Then you’ll need a block that set’s the popup’s text to “var” You’ll need to update that variable with combine “var” + the next bit of text.

Randomizers. I don’t know how to stack. If only there was an ADD text block…

thatd be awesome, maybe one day

You can add text, there sort of is.

ill give it a shot, the only problem is do variables sync between objects??

Oh… no. But properties can.

could i replace the variables with properties or is that impossible

Should be decently easy if you know what you’re doing.

Its pretty easy. You would have to assign the variable to the property (using the get property block). Make sure you place the device however otherwise it won’t work.

alr ill give it a shot

should i setvthe device as a number or text??

also where do i do the block that sets the property as a variable, just in the popup??

Text. No i was saying you can set the variable in the popup to the property

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