How do you make players go faster as the game goes on

i want to make it so people go faster as the game goes on

speed modifiers and hav them set to a certain time.

Add a counter. Add a lifecycle wired to a repeater. On start start repeater. Wire the repeater to the counter. Have the counter update a property named “timer”. Add a trigger. Add a block of code like this:
var time = get property timer / if time == [insert whatever time you want] then: broadcast on channel "speed[insert number of speed modifier after speed]" Then add speed modifiers(as many as you want) and have them not be the default ones and then make them become the speed for the players when recieving on channel “speed[insert speed modifier number]”. And done! (Make sure to add as many else if/if statements as you have of speed modifiers for the trigger’s block code)

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what is var time i cant figure out the blockes

Make a variable called time. var just stands for variable in programming.

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