How do you make lasers turn off and on

How do you make lasers turn off and on like the in one way out? thanks!


You would connect it to one repeater that turns it off, and another repeater that turns it back on. Adjust the repeater timings to choose how long the laser is on and off. There may be an easier way to do this, but I don’t know how


No, that was perfect!
Using a lifecycle device (set to Game start,) Send out a wire pulse (or channel) on the event.
Make it so that when the lasers receive this, they turn off. Make it so that when they turn off, they alert a nearby trigger (for channels) or wire repeater (for wires.) Set delay time to desired interval. Make it so that after the delay is up, they repeat the pulse back to the laser, activating them. Then add an opposite connection between repeaters.


Thank you so much it helped a lot!!!

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