How do you make items look like props?

I am trying to make a war map and i’m trying to set up a table with medkits on it, but i don’t want them to look like they are floating and i want to get the pad thing under it invisible, can this be done?

you can either

  1. use medkit item granter but it will float. idk how to fix it or…
  2. use an textbox and emoji. the only emoji that kinda makes sense is the bandage emoji
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I think you can make a prop out of props making a medkit, and there could be a button for you to get it instead. Because I don’t think spawn pads can be invisible

ok i will try that, thanks.

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True. Use the bandage emoji. But if you want them still to get items, just remove the spawn pads, add the emoji or make a medkit prop, something similar like that, and just add a button near it to give medkits.

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if ur gonna make a medkit out of props it gotta be rlly small💀
so good luck on that!

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