How do you make it to where you can press a button over and over again without a delay in the middle

I’m confused

Have the button set on instant?

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Change cooldown to instant

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make it to instant

i know that i mean like when you press it you have to wait like 2 seconds i do not want that wait

did you change it to instant?


when you press it you have to wait like 2 seconds to press it again

do you get what I mean now brb

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why not just use a trigger instead of a button, that’s the only thing I can think of. but there wont be any click you have to be walking on it.

whilst there is no way to spam buttons in gkc like there is no tomorrow you can make an automated system so I suggest that you just make it grant items constantly instead of trying to spam the button that is pretty much ideal for tycoons or clickers if you want no delay between button presses that is impossible and you’ll have to deal with it

ok thank you

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