How do you make it so when you stand in the background (in this case moving space) it kills you?

I want to make the void so idk

Add a zone in the void, and cause the player to teleport somewhere when they enter the void zone.


Also, CAN you place or move devices while playing the game


Not unless you explicitly program the devices to be able to do that (like using props that the player(s) can destroy) - you can also just use barriers to prevent the player(s) from being able to enter the void in the first place, but that isn’t quite the same thing.

Also, instead of using teleporters, you can use respawn devices to force a respawn and/or spawn pads to determine where a player should end up when they enter the void.

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Still, new ones cannot be placed or moved.

I honestly didn’t think i’d get replies so quick

Many of us have nothing else to do


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