How do you make it so GIMKIT can keep track if you were damaged?

I want to make a regenerative shield system like the on from the HALO games. How the shields in HALO work is that when you take damage your shields go down. However if you dont take damage for like 5 seconds you shields very quickly regenrate.

I don’t think you can track damage (currently) unless you give the player an item for each time they take damage, and lose and item for every second they don’t (with a checker). Then, a counter counts to 5, and then it regenerates.

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You can’t. A lot of people have tried, but you can’t.

But doesnt that mean that the game needs to keep track when you get damaged?

I think you can, it’s in Snowy Survival.

No. That’s tracking when you die using a knockout manager/ lifecycle.

This is one of the closet things.

I don’t think you can do that but you can make it so that your health/shield re-generates

perhaps a new device will be added in the future…

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You can [Repeater and a health granter]. But I dont ant it to regenerate infinitely.

if peeps were able to track damage a lot of things would be possible like combining pseudo health and all that

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my way of saying ¨people¨ basically

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Oh, yeah agreed. so many doors would be opened.

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