How do you make it end the game once everyone but the tagger is tagged 3 times and they are in spectator mode?

I need to know for this escape map.

Oh. Three times is hard. You would need counters for each person. Sorry but your map is going to get dementia. (No memory.)

Yeah I have a very complex mechanic right now, but I cant get how to make it when it’s fluctuating to the amount of players playing.

So in this game is a random person picked to be the tagger? If so are they added to a different team?

No, the host is always the tagger and has a special effects for only them, as stated it’s complex.

Ohh ok ill be right back I’m going to try and test something out.(One more question can only the host tag?)

What is wired out for the team switcher? (Wired out: The device or prop that is clicked to start a wire.)

Yes that’s correct, they also have buttons in all corners to spawn ll over the map, I hope you can help!

Also, Welcome to the Forums Stealthknight!!!

Kosm0-o, I can’t even tell it’s such a jumble of wires I can only tell that it works. (I should really be more clean with them.)

Thanks Kosm0-o, I just found out it existed, I’ve already created 4 maps!

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What you can do is click on the team switcher, go to the wires tab (on the left), click on the correct wiring, and you can see what it is connected to. It might take some trial and error…

yeah, but theirs like 53 wires total all jumbled in like 20 blocks and like 50 different devices.

So, you are correct, it will take some trial and error.

OK. Have a live player counter. Run it through a checker to check if everyone BUT THE HOST has three items. You get the item from being tagged. (relay (all players on team 2) → checker). If a player has three of the itam, they are switched to spectator. Have another checker check if the player counter is equal to 1. If so, end the game. Hope this helps!

Thank you this has given me the idea so when they spawn in theirs a zone that the counter marks so then that counter goes to a checker to see how many have that item. Thanks you all helped a lot!

I gave you the complete solution though…

Yeah you prob shouldn’t give yourself the solution if someone else gave it first. @Stealthknight

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