How do you make hp restorers? Help plz and thanks

I can give game co de and someone can create it so i can copy?

Hey, game codes are not allowed on the forum, sorry!

i mean yes but they can be sent thru e-mail

Use this.

i’ll use the thing that was sent bc the ss look ez thanks for everyones help

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You could grant the player med kits.

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Can’t TL3 close forums?

TL4 and above and seeing as there’s no TL4…

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Isn’t there 1 TL4 (sorry for asking so many questions, I am kinda new)

No, he got demoted, as the mods were just testing how the community would respond

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Or a vending machine with shield cans or med packs?

Experiment (Wolf got demoted at the end). There may be some next year, as more and more people will become worthy of the title (I can already name like 5 people who should be leaders, including WolfTech).


Oh ok thanks for explaining and we should probably get on-topic

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Maybe you could have a button overlay (I think that is what it is called)

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Let’s get back on topic,boys! Have a good night!(or day, fair point @Mr.Tomato)

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Have a good night! (and it might not be night for everyone so good day!)