How do you make Cops and Robbers?

I’m making a game called light fingers where you need to grab 1000 cash and at least 1 gem, but I don’t know how to make it so that a player, when knocked out or tagged, respawns in a mini jail thing. Anybody have ideas?

Full list of things I need:

  1. Only for Team 1 (Thieves), when dead, respawn at jail cell.
  2. Only for team 2 (Guards), when dead spawn at armory
  3. Art for the jail cell.

Use a checkpoint that is active on game start, and place the checkpoint in the jail area. Set it to active only for team 1 by making the relay for it to team 1 only. Do the same for team 2.

This will make the players spawn in the jail from the beginning

I don’t want them spawning in from the begining.

Did you search before you post? :thinking:

There are a lot of c0ps and r0bbers posts, both help and guide topics.

Is this too many links? lol

Yes, this did take a while because I can’t have the word “R0bbers” in my link.