How do you make certain areas ex: going into a house (SOLVED) I needed camera view

Looking to make a Fortnite game and I’m needing this function

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I need you to explain more pls ( and welcome to the forums :partying_face:)

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Basically, have your door, like your little entrance.

Put a roof over your house thing, with a prop. Then, make the prop disappear with a zone when they are about to walk inside. Ex,
(underline is door)
House _ :person_bald:


House :person_bald: roof is gone now so they can go in.

Maybe try that, but I think I know a guide that explains better, just wait.

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So do you see this guide? Check it out, and see how they have an entrance? Put stuff above the house and put it all on player scope, like a wood block prop. Make it so it disappears when they step in a zone outside, which is outside the entrance of the house.

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Thanks!! I will surely try this.

Could you please remove the link? It’s kinda not allowed here. Like it’s technically a link to a game and it’s not allowed.

cause some people might not like it…

Sorry. Do you understand what i mean?

It’s ok. And not really, could you like describe it? Like you use a button to go in a place?

Well, it is kinda of like when you move near the door (like a circus tent) it will teleport you to a location that looks like the inside of it. I tried just putting teleporters near the circus tent which lead to another area that I made which looks like the inside, but my characters view range won’t limit to the sides of the area.

OHH, so you want to make it so they can’t look outside? Use a camera view!

Is it in the devices? or what because I want it to change only when I enter the teleporter.

Yes. Devices. There’s no settings on it, just plop it down, and the green border is where they can see only. Resize if needed

Thank you so much!!! You really helped me out.

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@Txme_Lxss thanks for linking my post :slightly_smiling_face:!

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