How do you make buttons that need to be pressed in a certain order?

materials - buttons
1 button - 2nd button wire
2nd-3rd wire
and so on
make sure the 2nd and third are not enabled on game start

I think you could use checkers on this? Not sure.

For every button, place down an item granter. Wire each button to each corresponding item granter. Go into each item granters settings, and tell it to grant 10 times the amount of the previous item granter. They should all grant the same item. Wire each button to a separate wire repeater, and the wire repeater to the button, so when the button is pressed, it gets deactivated. In every button, have them transmit on channel ButtonPressed when they are pressed. Place down a counter, and have it increment on channel ButtonPressed. Connect it to the property RightInRow. Place down a trigger, and go into its block menu. It should be triggered off of the channel ButtonPressed, with a 0.2 second delay. Have it broadcast on channel (get property [ RightInRow]). Then, place down a checker. Have it check when receiving on channel 1. Have it check if the amount of item that the player has is equal to (the amount of item the item granter connected to the first item granter grants). If false, broadcast on channel Restart. Repeat the checker, but change the channel it receives on, and the number of item it checks for, to where it would be in its order (third button, receive on 3), and the sum of all items that the player should have at that point. For the last checker, if the amount of items equal the total amount that every item granter gives out, broadcast on channel Done, and deactivate the barrier holding the exit. Finally, place down a IIM, and have it clear the item from the players inventory when receiving on Restart. Hope this helps!


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Well @Gim_Fishy made a better solution. It was clear and concise, which is what I think is best from a solution.

True but you can see what buttons are next

Can you tell me the concept of it? It sounds like you’re using indexing with items to track the buttons the player has pressed. But why does it reset?

thank you for your help

When I get on and see that.

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If the player drops their weapon, and then picks up another one, this makes sure the right weapon is indexed.

But I don’t get why you need items in the first place.

To grant the player who KOed the other player the correct weapon.

But this is talking about order of the button press.

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Wrong topic… The resetting is so you don’t get what I call temporal clears. It makes more sense in the context of TTT, so can we take the discussion there?

Where is it? And what topic is it?

Go over to the ClicClacToe topic. I’ll explain it there.