How do you make an overlay button that sent out a signal deactivate when it's pressed and activate a few seconds later?

I want to make it so that you have to wait a certain amount of time after clicking an overlay button that sends out a signal before it activates again?

wire repeater or trigger both do delays

If you want it to be gone for a while you can use two wire repeaters and make it so when you press the button it goes to one wire repeater and makes it deactivate (make sure that wire repeater has a delay of 0.0 seconds). Then add another wire repeater with a delay of how long you want to wait for it to show again and connect it back to the overlay and make it show again. Here are some pictures of what it should look like:

Let me know if this helps! :+1:

Welp, this seems to be the solution, @dErekSun, so you might wanna mark it.
If not, I could try to help more, but it looks done.

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