How do you make an instant revive?

Not in game, but in edit mode

yes theres a device called checkpoint
and like @gimmaster12345 said not in game

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Are you sure about that?


now I’m second guessing

Thanks for your help. I’ll try something else.

have you tried the other ideas?

coolerthancoolest doesn’t want a respawn I think

Coolerthancoolest wants the player to stay in the same place if you have the item, if you don’t, you normaly respawn

Sorry misread it.

What are you using for your pseudo health system?

In the checker, have it check if the player has more than 0 of an item. Make that item whatever you want Connect the checker to a speed modifier(if you can set the speed to zero. If not, use a movement meter, and make sure it isn’t active on game start.) The wire setting should be check passes.

oh so then you use a checker
item amount = 1(youll only be able to get one)
and then use pseudo health
if you lose all psuedo health, the checker turns movement speed to 0
so you have 2 checkers that increment a counter
once it reaches 2
then you have a fake death
popup/game overlay(can’t remember)
call to action “revive”
and you cant move until
you press it
then it sends on a channel and sets movement speed to normal

I think revives are already instant

You could do a health granter.