How do you make an instant revive?

How do you make an instant revival where when you die you revive instantly without respawning?

You could cover your map in checkpoints

Do you mean stay where you are and not revive at your spawn?

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You could also give the play a lot of health so they can’t get knocked out

Revive is the same as respawning tho.

Then check post 2 and 4

How do you make them stay where they are?

Check post 7

I’m making a low health survival map with a revive item? How do you make?

I don’t think you can do that
unless you do a pseudo death and just modify the speed to 0

A revive item, so if you have the item you revive?

You can though! it’s possible I think

That’s the idea. Is it possible?

yeah I edited it about pseudo death
you could have a popup that says you died
with “Revive” as call to action
and that will set your speed back to normal

How do you make a pseudo death?

I just said it modify speed to 0 and use a popup that says you died
but thats more like a fake pseudo death
bc the game doesn’t think you’re dead or anything
it has nothing to do with properties

You make it so you switch to a team when you get the item, you have checkpoints that are not active on game start but a relay set to the team with the item activates them, making it so you must be on a team for the checkpoint to work for you, then cover the map in the checkpoints

that would take up more memory than mine probably

Can you place a checkpoint in game?