How do you make actions related to a single item?

Does anybody know if you are able to link events/actions being able to only take place only if you hold a specific item?

Example 1: If you hold a EVIL EYE and shoot it at a rock the rock takes damage. however if you are holding a ZAPPER than a invisible barrier shows up to stop you from breaking the rock.

Example 2: if you hold a SHIELD CAN, a button activates however if you un-equip the shield can the button de-activates.

It would mean the world to me if you are able to figure this out for I want to create a Metriodvania genre game and an item you can get, can break rocks. So I don’t want the zapper to be the only thing that can do EVERY thing. So agian if you can help it would mean a lot.

simple answer: no


do they want to hold it or just have it in their inventory

sorry I’m not fallowing…

1: Sort of. You can make a system that detects when you lose ammo (I may make a guide about that some time.) Basically, the ammo is in an inventory item manager. It tracks a property. The property device is connected to blockcode that sees if that property is less than (old ammo amount.) If yes, broadcast message on channel. At the end of the blockcode it sets the old ammo to value = the property in the IIM

2: You can’t detect what a player is holding in their hand unfortunately. What did you need this feature for? There may be a work-around.


they have to hold it. (I know how to make it if you have it in your inventory to make it work)

Currently I need this feture for a item you can aquire (evil eye). The item is a substitute for the main weapon that you use that can (if it is possible) break certain props. the item only has a *max ammo of 4 when you first get it. however you can find purple keycards that come in a bundle of 4 that increase the max ammo by that amount.
Since I have not been able to figure out a way to make it so the Evil Eye is the only weapon that can destroy props I have been forced to make it an add-on to your main weapon making it feel impractical.

'* I make max ammo by using a item manager and setting a max amount of LG. shards to “x amount of ammo”. However when you obtain purple keycards it changes the max ammo count.

You could do this, if you limit the amount of weapons someone can have to one. If you know exactly what they have, you can easily use a checker!

Maybe I could use it for a different styled game however with a Metriodvania game it just wouldn’t work. (thanks though)

Just a thought: if you could get Gimkit to record which number you pressed to switch weapons, you could do this exact same thing!

Any other weapons in your game use heavy shard?
You could try detect if they shoot with it by detecting ammo loss

I don’t think you can do that :disappointed:

No, not currently. why?

Just a thought. Figuring that out would be pretty cold though.

They should really add a setting in the trigger to where you can set it to being activated by button presses or HELD ITEMS.

Wait. Does anyone know if attaching an IIM-property unit to a weapons ammo would actually track it?

Wait, could you remind me what IMM stands for?

IIM stands for inventory item manager. You can track the amount of stuff in your inventory with it! If you have access to Gimkit, please wire a property to a prop, so when the property of changed, the prop is shown. Connect the property to an IIM, and set it to the ammo for a gun. Get a gun, and fire it and check the prop please!

No it cannot. To the extent of my knowledge IIMs only limit the amount of a certain item you can have, and if you keep certain items when you die.

So the setup didn’t work inside of Gimkit?