How do you make a wall dissapear when you put a key in it?

I need to find out how to make a wall and when you put the key in it disappears because I’m making a map.

Use a button connected to a checker, and when the check passes, deactivate the barrier.
Button pressed < run check
Check passes < deactivate barrier

It also works if you have a key property.
Using a vending machine that checks for a key as well works…

Make a button trigger a checker to check if you have a key. If that check passes, deactivate the barrier and make an item granter take one key from you.

  • Player presses a button.
  • Button pressed, it runs a check that checks for the key, check #1, item---blue key (example) equal to whatever amount.
  • Check passes, deactivate barrier!

Thank you, that’s very helpful!

But how do you make it so that if you don’t have the key the barrier doesn’t disappear?

The checker only makes it disappear if you have the item. That’s the entire purpose of it.

i tried that and it didnt work. I put the checker there and my Barrier went down when i didn have the key

What check did you use?

I dont know what your talking about?

In the checker’s menu, there is a tab for each check. Can you show the settings for check #1?

Ok ill take a screenshot

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for that check, if it is less than one, than you need to do if check fails, activate barrier

You need it to be greater than 0.

ok! ill try that …

its still not working :frowning:

try a vending machine

Get a checker and make the value 0 next make the comparison greater did you do that?