How do you make a vending machine require nothing

How do you make a vending machine require nothing?

ummm… what do you need it for then?

just do say nothing in the reqiued area or use a starting inventory to give the item or use a item granter or item spawner

can you elaborate a screenshot pwease

im trying to make that, when you get products from a market, but you need to pay first before leaving

ahh… well then… just have item spawners that grant items, or buttons that are wired to item granters that grant items.

can you provide a screenshot of it pls?

wait nvm guys, thank you! I just realized I just need to put the requirement amount 0, thank you, im still a bit new to gimkit creative

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last question, how do I write a title on a vending machine?

ummm, you can put text over it?

any other than texts?

props ig

i mean item description

oh… there is an option called “item description” just edit that

where ;-; please provide a screenshot (sry if im confusing .-.)

on my POV for the vending machine settings, theres no option for (item description)

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ohhhhhh, thank you so much! It was hidden, thank you!!

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