How do you make a tycoon type game?

how do I make it so when I buy something, it gives you more passive income

Have a vending machine trigger a triggerloop that grants an item [1] every X seconds. If you buy it again, it will double the amount of times you get the item.

  1. with an item granter, there’s really no other way to grant an item… ↩︎

Or an item granter

I’ll try and figure it out, I’m new to making games so it’ll take a while

Invisible Vending Machine → Broadcast on Channel [Channel]

Trigger → Trigger when receiving on [Channel]

Trigger (Triggered) → [Wire] → Trigger (Trigger)

(One of the two triggers) Trigger (Triggered) → [Wire] → Item Granter (Grant Item)

Don’t forget to add delay to at least one of those triggers

also how do you make it so you can pup a peice of paper on a desk and it doesn’t go under the desk?

also you can make the vending machine show a prop or disabled sentry (with no weapon, of course)

Use layers. Make sure the paper is a higher layer than the desk.

how and what are layers

The button next to erase.

layers. click the button with the stack of papers on the top left of your freeroam editing screen (the one where you move around)

terrain can be placed on different layers for the illusion of 3D

Edit: Wrong layer feature

Edit 2: My bad

ok I got it now thank you!

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