How do you make a text the makes different players look like their talking?

Okay, so, I’m thinking of making a story game. So in Roblox, there are these games(ex. airplane story mode) where the players talk randomly, like the text chooses a random player to speak, so I’m trying to incorporate that into my game, the only problem is, I don’t know how to do it. :confused:

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You can use Overlays that activate and deactivate using channels
If that makes sense lol

hmm, I think that makes sense, although, do you think you could do a screenshot, so I could see how that would work? Sorry, I understand better with pictures, and maybe some more elaborating? Because it isn’t fully clear how it would make that random player talking thing…

I can try but it is really a big and simple system

okay, thanks! Please do that. :smile:
Also, my time limit is 9:00, at that time, my device won’t work anymore, so:
1: It needs to be solved before it
2: Continue on tomorrow.

I don’t have time today because I have to go to bed in like, 3 minutes

remember to make the overlay player scoped


okay, then, tomorrow, although, I’ll stay and wait for other users to discuss this.

when you mean scope, visibility or content?

both, but I don’t exactly understand how the player “speaks”

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You know in Roblox story games where the players ‘talk’? Basically the ‘talking’ is text originally made into the game, it’s just that players are randomly chosen to speak them.

Ex:(In the game, the text “What’s 1+1?!” is written into the game. Let’s say there are three players, Player 1, Player 2 and Player 3. Now the game will randomly pick a player, lets say Player 2. Now on the user face, it says Player 2: “What’s 1+1?”

Does that make sense?

ok so maybe make a text overlay and a trigger loop that loops and delay’s 5 seconds or something and wire it to a relay “random player on random team” and wire it to the text overlay’s “wire pulse” also don’t make the overlay player scoped. and in the text overlay’s blocks make a variable that is randomly set to a number between 1 to something and make another variable and some if else ifs like if variable=1 set othervariable "1+1=?"and set text create text with player name and othervariable.

Uhhhh…I didn’t understand that. Could you maybe explain using screenshots? I’m so sorry.

Sorry but I gtg. I’ll send pictures later.

bye. I have to leave to

For any other users who j oin this forum, it is still open, but if it’s past 9 or just before it, I’m not online, although that doesn’t mean you can’t explain and discuss, I’ll just read the texts tomorrow.

PS: It will be a lot better if you explain through screenshots, makes it easier for me to understand.

IF you want, keep bumping this so it stays at the top for a larger discussion, the more the merrier!

Use a randomizer? It would be hard with the players, but I’m sure the system could find if that number did not have a corresponding player. Also, number collection would be hard.

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likes I ran out :frowning:



Place down a relay that picks a random player. Then, wire the relay to a popup (with all scopes set to global). The wire should look like this:

Relay Trigger (Relay) → Run Wire Pulse Block (Popup):

Then, create a block that says “When wire pulse block ran…” and place down these blocks:

set Header [Triggering Players Name]
set Content "Whatever you want to write here"

Next, wire the relay to a wire repeater, and wire the wire repeater to the popup.

When wire repeater receives a pulse (Wire Repeater) → Open Popup

Hope this helps.

What it does is that it chooses a random player, sets a popup’s header to the player’s name so it looks like the player is saying it, and then opens the popup. Make sure the popup is a BANNER. Not a modal, a BANNER.


Here it is

Step 1

Place a Sentry over a Zone like so
Screenshot 2024-06-30 9.21.36 AM

Step 2

Open the zone settings
Screenshot 2024-06-30 9.21.58 AM

Step 3

Open the sentry settings

Step 4

Place a Popup
Screenshot 2024-06-30 9.24.06 AM

Step 5

Open the Popup settings
Screenshot 2024-06-30 9.24.29 AM

Step 6

Open Call To Action in the Popup settings

Screenshot 2024-06-30 9.25.15 AM

Step 7

Add two more Popups. I will refer to them as top Popup and bottom Popup
Screenshot 2024-06-30 9.25.39 AM

Step 8

Open top Popup settings
Screenshot 2024-06-30 9.26.16 AM

Step 9

Open bottom Popup settings
Screenshot 2024-06-30 9.26.53 AM

Step 10

Just kidding you’re done now

Also @mysz I personally prefer to use Modals