How do you make a system that takes your items and gives them back?

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I think you just use a bunch of checkers to check what you have then you use a trigger or wire repeater to give them back?

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two item granters and a trigger w/ delay

one granter with positive amount and one with negative.

Can you elaborate? @DXCTYPE

I just want a system that will see all your weapons and consumables, takes them all away and then gives them back.

something triggered → grant item (negative amount)
when item granted → trigger trigger (w/ delay of whatever you want)

sorry I forgot the rest

You’d need a negative item Granter for every possibility in the game, and there’s no way to be sure of a regain unless you make a room at the end of that point that has all the possibilities and checkers for everyone of those to u lock a barrier, so that would be a hard thing to do.

Let’s assume they aren’t using every item in the game and just gadgets and consumables (much more realistic). You can use an inventory item manager for every item you want to track and have it update a property for that specific item. The property should have the scope set to player. Use a trigger that runs on a channel or wire when you want to take or give your items back. It should be connected to multiple checkers (if you reach the max wires than use wire repeaters) that each check if the property for an item is > 0. If true it should take that item away using a negative item granter. If false it should give you that item using a positive item granter.

Note: This will only give a set amount of items back to the player. For example: A player has 35 bait. When it is taken away and given back, they will only have 10 bait if that is how much the item granter was set to grant.

Hope this helps though is a little complicated!

Can you make a step by step tutorial with pictures so that I can understand better please? (Sorry about that it’s because I’m very bad with property Devices.) :confused: :confused:

Sure! Won’t be able to till later this afternoon though

Thanks! @Zane7655 :smiley:

hate this twenty letter minimum…

Sorry but it might have to wait another day (sports)

That’s fine. I can wait a day or two. Just don’t take too long.

Sorry, I forgot! I can do it today.

Here it is!

Thanks! @Zane7655! I’ll mark a solution!

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