How do you make a simple save file for a players items in my Gimkit Creative game?

I want to make it simple, so explain it simple pls

Give number for save.
Put number in counter/s next game
If number right give stuff.
:sparkles: this is as simple as I can explain/ how much i know :sparkles:

You need a thing so they push triggers that are there save which together make property, and then have blocks so → if property1 = 1 grant item else if property1 = 2 broadcast channel “2” and so forth, then have item granters that grant item on channels.

but how do I give them all different numbers to save though?

I want it to save the amount of cash a player has.

You could use a checker to see if they have over X amount of something and if they do change the code for that? But then youd have to round so if they had lets say, 359 cash it would only give 350

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Put the amount of cash as an IIM linked to a property then. When the game ends, show the amount of cash using an end game widget. At the start of the next game, have a counter where players can re-put in the number that they had when the game ends. The counter should increment a property, which will grant the player the amount of block code they had via an item granter’s block code.