How do you make a prop respawn after being destroyed

I am making a target practice place and am using props. I need them to respawn so I can save on memory.

this has already been solved b4 by navycatz so i’ll just give you the link he gave you How to make a barrier that regenerates when you destroy it! Difficulty 🟩 Credits to @WhoAmI for the idea - #28 by Vortex-Mist

Sadly you can’t yet, but you can have another one underneath it.

tho in the guide you can only make it respawn a number of times

thank you very much thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

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Do you just have this saved somewhere and paste it, or did you just memorize it?

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Both. I switch between the methods.

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I just tried giving a sentry a property.
It didn’t work :frowning: