How do you make a prop can't be destroyed by a specific team?

How do you make a prop that can’t be destroyed by a specific team?

Place a barrier over the prop. Set the barrier to be inactive on game start, and set ‘scope’ to team. This will make sure the barrier only activates for the team that triggers it. Now, connect a lifecycle to a relay. Set the relay to all players on a specific team. Connect the relay to the a river to activate it. The barrier will activate for that team in the relay on game start.


I think that can be configurated in the prop’s settings. Have you checked there yet?

never mind then


no, it can’t be

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Yeah, listen to Navy then.

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When you say specific team do you mean the team the can’t destroy it?

Yes, Relay → Barrier
Team n → Activate

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Yes, the relay activates the barrier for the team who can’t destroy it therefore blocking projectiles fired to the barrier.

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