How do You Make a Prison Break Game?

I’ve been wondering how to make this game for quite a while, but I’ve never been able to figure it out myself. Any ideas?

What do you mean by prison break?

Well you could start by making the people start in “cells” and then they break some barriers to escape and they have to beat the sentries. Alternatively there could be 2 teams, sort of like cops and robbers

Kind of like an escape room, but with like intruder alert kind of things and more brawns than brains

An intruder alert? So if you step on a laser, you lose? Or is it you’ll have 5 minutes left to escape?

Like a popup when you enter an area that alerts team 2. Sorry, I’m terrible at explaining things

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Oh! Make a zone that broadcasts to a relay. The relay should broadcast to team 2 (use specific team option), and a notification device. The notification should be shown to the triggering player.

I also am bad at explaining things, so I usually try to overexplain it.

That’s a great idea! I might make a guide on Prison Break when I finish it. Thanks, guys, and stay safe!


You’re welcome!

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