How do you make a Pop-up show up for EVERYONE (globally) at a CERTAIN TIME (like a counter clock)?

Pls help, the pop-up wont show up for everyone.


Connect whatever triggers the pop-up to a relay set to all players then connect that to the pop-up. Would you like an explanation for how this works?

Don’t you just need a lifecycle, repeater, counter, and a relay for this?


and a popup

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Make a all player relay that relays when the time happens. Connect the relay to the popup. Relay Trigger - Open Popup

I think that there’s a scope in the popup all options.

No. That’s just for the text.

Yes please, I would like to understand the mechanic so I could apply it to other things. Also thanks for the response.

Let’s say you have a button that opens a popup.
The thing is, you want the popup to show for everyone, not just the person who pressed it.
So, we connect the button to a Relay (it is a device that can send signals like popups, notifications or overlays only to certain teams or a random player from a specific team)
Now, we connect the relay to a Popup.
This makes it so the popup will open to all players and can change to the configured setting of the relay.


This is the full system, the basic rundown is the trigger begins the what I call pseudo-repeater which is just a wire repeater where one of them has a delay. Then every 1 second this repeater increments a counter which is used as a timer which waits until 15 repeats before relaying the message to everyone. Hope this helped.

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I’m glad it did! I recommend incorporating relays into your maps often and learning more about them since they are very useful.


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