How do you make a overlay button that when a seeker clicks it it tracks a random player and the button appears every 60 seconds?

how do you make it using team 2 really(seeker), A repeater,overlay(button),random player relay and waypoint

Do you want it so when the button comes back it untracks the player too?

Yes I want that too!

Ok, give me like 3 mins, and I promise I will come up with a solution.

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OK TYSM! I cant wait!

ok, ikno how to do this
but i need time too

Ok, when the game overlay is clicked, make it transmit a channel to a relay and also make the game overlay disappear. Also make it trigger a trigger.

Then, make the trigger have a delay, and after 60 seconds, make it appear again.

Next, with the relay, make it so the person that got relayed then transmit a channel that waypoints them.

The trigger, remember that? with the 60 second delay? Make it so that it transmit a channel to make the game overlay appear and make the waypoint disappear.

(hopefully this works.)

If there’s something you don’t understand, you can ask me.

ok lemme go try this out


One thing, mark the waypoint location of player.

Also make eit not activate on game start.

litarrel the same answer, just wiht wire repeaters instead

I dont really understand how to do that bc I’m dumb so can I just drop down the code for my creative map game

Uh, your not allowed to do codes here.

What’s the thing you don’t understand?

ummmmm everything i can only do it with pic

put it on wix, ill hlp

Ok. I can’t really do pictures, but I can try step by step.

Step 1: Make the game overlay active on game start, and make it transmit the channel “TrackPlayer”

delete it now!

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that code ok? i hope that is

Cough cough… I would delete your code post.


You wanna take it from here? I’m trying to develop my map, and on a kinda tight schedule.