How do you make a map more popular?

How do you make a map more popular? Because I just released 2 months of work into my Farmchain and got this many plays:
Screenshot 2024-03-27 9.54.49 PM
I’m not saying I’m complaining, but my game that I worked so hard on shouldn’t be available to only 3 people…

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Advertise it on other sites

i’m not advertising? I didn’t even say the name of the game…

No, to get your game popular advertise it
Or just make a good game

I am on the discord, but only 3 people played it

  1. Get a better thumbnail
  2. Wait if you just published it
  3. Advertise on other sites
  4. Unpublish it and publish it again if need be

you don’t even get a refund. Sorry if I’m the karen of the gimkit forums, but I’m broke as in gimbucks.

Then get the season ticket

but I will try… what websites can I post it on?

I’m broke internally too brother.

It’s mainly the Wix and Discord you could advertise

Oh… ok I will try to go to the wix
The link is this
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the problem is most likely the thumbnail
when i published a game, it had a pretty low-quality thumbnail, and got very few views. when i republished with a different thumbnail, it got significantly more than before.
also, sometimes you gotta wait for the right time to publish, its prolly better to not publish during the weekends, as most gimkit players play during school.

i play games based on thumbnail, name, and description i mostly lean are thumbnail and name, but its still improtant to put a description, might also be the style of your map, i would personlly would not want to play a farm map, so its also catering to the crowd like you would in youtube or any other platform,

advertising like in wix is a great place they are looking for games to play in the first place

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The best way to make a map more popular is by advertising it on Discord, Wix, Padlet, and other platforms. Or, the thumbnail of a map could be affecting your playcount.

I can relate to how you feel. My Creative game has a pretty unique name, but even when I search it up by it’s direct name, it doesn’t pop up.

Simple and easy tips to get your maps more popular!

  1. Nice Thumbnail
    Most games on the Discovery page have random memes, and copyrighted items, we don’t want that!
  2. Appropriate Things
    Gimkit is a site for 6 year olds and older, so make your games fine for 6 year olds!
  3. Unique And Proper Name
    Like the memes on the games on the Discovery page, you need a proper naming! don’t name “Don’t Look Down” DLD, don’t add any abbreviations unless needed!
  4. Make Your Game Fun
    Players like a experience with lots of things to do. show most of them in your thumbnail!
  5. Wait For A Day
    Make a game and post it on the discovery page, then checking it tomorrow, it has a 90% chance of success!

put the name of your game in the description to make it easier to find if you also just relesed it wait awhile, if it been out for a awhile and the amount of plays you have just haven’t been going up its been sturck with copyright and taken down

Most games with a thumbnail that is a meme is popular because memes are popular.