How do you make a leaderboard with meters high?

Does anyone know how to make a leaderboard that says how high the player has went for a platformer map?

You really can’t at the time. Use a waypoint for how far you are from the goal/top.

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technically you can use zones,properties,and counters but that would take up way too much memory.

That’s… a very good question. I wonder if someone could figure that out?
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I don’t believe these kinds of things are available right now, but they might be later in the future. You could suggest this in the game suggestions (leaderboards).

i know it has nothing to do with this post, but can someone give me access on my leaderboard topic as well? its called Does anyone know how to make a hide n seek leaderboard?

What do you mean by this? Please give more details.

The platformer is beta so i think more stuff will come with time

Sorry for that late response, what can I help with?

Well, this person want to make well, a leaderboard based on how many meters you are up. @WolfTechnology

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Ok I don’t have the ticket but if I’m not mistaken the place were you can change what the leaderboard tracks is in the overall settings. Then under leaderboard and there should be an option to track height.

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